Microcontroller Board

We stock a range of items for your Arduino Project namely: Microcontroller Boards, Compatible Boards, Shields and others.

We also have Wireless and WIFI, Bluetooth modules.

In terms of Accessories, we have Jumper Wires, Headers and Breadboards.

LCD displays & OLED Displays can be found in the display section.

Sensors are available namely Infrared Sensors, PIR Sensors, Light Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Sound Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Temperature and Humidity Sensors.

You will also find our Motor Section where we have DC Motors, Servo and Stepper Motors including drivers to run them.

Other Sensors include, but is not limited to, Gas Sensors, Water Sensors, Speed/Position Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Gas Sensors, Vibration and Shock Sensors.

Microcontroller Board

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